The world is big and constantly changing, and the only thing that can make us travel through time are images. Wether is video or photography, I’ve found my passion in documenting life experiences, the nature that surrounds me and the people and stories that come my way. I am fascinated with capturing the reality through my eyes, and also make ideas happen. 

I got a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) and dedicated my career to working on the documentary field. Since 2015, I have directed, produced, filmed and edited several videos for national and international companies and organizations, covering different subjects, including social issues, environment, art, music, food production, etc. My experience has led me to know places, people and stories that keep my explorers soul on track and always wanting more. 

I’m a freelance photographer and video producer. I can write, create, film, produce and edit. Knowing the different fields that involve audiovisual creation is the best way to adapt myself to different projects regarding its needs.